Truth, Equality and JavaScript

JavaScript, JavaScript...

You don’t have to be a JavaScript novice to get confused by this…

or this…

The good news is that there is a standard and all browsers follow it. Some authors will tell you to fear coercion and and code against it. I hope to persuade you that coercion is a feature to be leveraged (or at the very least understood), not avoided…

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There is no God; Only Godliness.

Atheism is a really interesting concept. Atheists are people who deny the existence of God. And I surely am one of them. The Theists argue that there is conciousness, and hence there is god.

Consciousness is just a by-product. Everything is made up of matter. And a combination of a particular form of matter creates consciousness. It is just like a car. When you see a lot of parts joined together, you say it is a car. But if I dismantle the parts and present them to you, and say “This is a car”, you clearly will not accept it. No part is the whole. No single part is the car. It is a combination of many parts.

Similarly, It is a combination of matter that creates consciousnesses in us. Remove the parts in our body. Separate the hands, legs, brain, heart, etc. What remains is only matter. So, consciousnesses is a by-product of the combination of matter.

So, its just the consciousness that exists. i.e. Only Godliness.

What is Education for?

What is Education for?

  • To create a society that’s culturally coordinated.
  • To further science and knowledge and pursue information for its own sake.
  • To enhance civilization while giving people the tools to make informed decisions.
  • To train people to become productive workers.

Our current education system, over the last few decades, has produced millions of graduates, post-graduates, Ph.D’s, etc. But only a very few have in them the above four societal goals. If the goal of the education system was to improve the cultural coordination, it clearly could have done a better job.

Why do we spend years together teaching complex mathematics to children who don’t understand it and  will never need to use them for the rest of their lives. We make the children study novels and literature, and end up teaching “Reading can never be fun”. The result being, we churn out Ph.D’s who cant teach and aren’t very productive at research either. The moment we associate reading a book with taking a test, we have missed the point.

An episode of Amir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate highlighted how even educated people torture their children, wives, families, etc for a silly or stupid reason. A man ( a well educated one) tortures his wife for not giving him a boy child. These “educated” men make really bad decisions which affect their families and the society as well. We have clearly failed in the third goal as well.

The education system, as it is today, was developed during the industrial revolution, when the industry needed more productive workers. But the world has clearly changed now. The current system, that meets minimum standards, is killing our economy, our culture, and us. We really cannot insist that the schools we designed for a different era will function well now.

The beginning of the end of Apple

Apple today launched the much awaited iPhone5. The new phone is obviously awesomer than its predecessors. It has the new A6 processor that makes everything 2x faster. The graphics is pretty good. The display, better wireless, better battery life, and all such usual stuff.  But, the sad part is, there is nothing new. The old things are improved, but nothing new.

They also launched a new range of iPods , a new connector called “lightning” which is much smaller than the previous 32 pin connector, more colorful iPods and some other random features.

But what the event lacked was the showmanship that Steve Jobs used to bring to the stage. Steve Jobs was “The Man” who could sell anything. People really used to clap after each and every line that Steve Jobs said. He used to sell it in such a way that people are really happy about it. Also, since there are no new features they could actually bring out, I don’t think Apple will do very well this year.

If not now, at-least a few years down the lane, Apple is gonna face its doom! Without Jobs’ leadership, the company is really not what it once used to be.

66 years of Freedom. OR is it?

On the eve of Independence day, you’ll see a lot of Indians making the “Indian National Flag” as their profile pictures. They say they are proud Indians. But I ask, what is it that my fellow Indians are really proud of? Being a proud Indian has become more of a “Style Statement”. Some random guy says “change your profile picture” and all the others blindly listen. But how many of those really respect the flag? How many of those “proud Indians” actually respect our country? Yeah, you got it right, the answer is “Very Few”.

A quick glance of what all we can be proud of

  1. Corrupt Ministers.
  2. War in the name of Religion.
  3. Low Literacy rate.
  4. Increasing Population.
  5. Low employment rate.
  6. Power cuts / Load Shedding.
  7. Reservation System.
  8. Shitty Governance.
  9. Bad roads.
  10. Ascending fuel rates.
  11. F***ed up Education System.
  12. And the list goes on……

Until all these  problems are not taken care of, I wont call myself a “Proud Indian”. I am surely a true and patriotic Indian, but unfortunately, there’s nothing in the country that makes me feel proud about it.

Jai Hind!

Nexus Q

Today at its annual conference, Google releases a new social streaming media player called Nexus Q. It is basically a device that streams the data from the cloud, straight to your home TV or Sound System. You can control the device using your android phone. Here’s a video of how it works.



Nexus 7 – The new Google Tablet

Today at the Google IO keynote, the guys at Google released  the new Google Nexus 7. Its an elegant 7-inch tablet. Google partnered with ASUS for the hardware. It is powered by a Quad core Tegra3 processor, a 12 core GPU and runs the latest version of android, Jelly Bean.

It also comes bundled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, a 1.3MP front camera and a 1280 x 800 LCD display. And all this for just $199.

It is expected to be available by the mid of July. The 8GB model will cost $199, while the 16GB device will be priced at $249.


Android Jelly Bean

Today at the Google IO, they released a new version of android, called Jelly Bean. Its supposedly the fastest version of android yet and is a lot better than its predecessors. It has stuff like intelligent keyboard, which learns from your typing over time. It also has a Siri type software which can answer any kind of query. It uses the newly released Google knowledge graph and generates the best possible answer for a question.

The best feature is, they have bundled the entire voice to text data into the device. So, the voice to text will work even without an active data connection. Hugo, director of product management with Android, showed a demo where he put his phone into airplane mode and typed a message using voice to text. And it works like a charm.

Project Butter

Project butter is a name they have given to smooth things up on the new OS. Project butter is meant to create a fast and smooth user experience on Jelly Bean. It enables triple buffering which allows the CPU, GPU and the display to run together for a smoother animation. The touch responsiveness anticipates where your finger will be on the screen.

So, in all, Jelly Bean truly is the fastest android version so far. The SDK is currently available for developers. The update is expected to be aired by mid July.